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Midnight in the Rockies

by Karen E. Rigley

Midnight finds me writing. That’s what happens when you’re a writer–you write. At odd hours, strange times, different places – wearing nothing but PJs, dressed up for a party or clad in faded jeans and barefoot. Scribbling, typing, editing – writing, writing some more, then rewriting. It looks crazy to our nonwriter family and friends. So they label us crazy writers. And it’s true.

I’m a crazy writer. That’s essential to who I am. I belong to that strange breed called writers.

A writer must write. It is an obsession, a job, a dream. Blank paper challenges us to create and communicate. We are both artist and slave — grumbling when we can’t write and grumbling while we do; planning the next writing project and praying to complete the current one. We may be writers by choice or writers by accident, writers full-time or part-time, beginners or pros, but every one of us shares the passion to write.

So midnight finds me writing.



A lifetime is not long enough

to drain the pulsing tide

flowing from the reservoir

held in a writer’s mind.

                                    LIMBO SAIL

I drift through the colorless ocean of writer’s limbo,
aimlessly floating upon a sea of nothingness.
Has reality encroached too far
shipwrecking my creativity?
Has continuously pondering the fate of manuscripts
drowned my productivity?
Have the recent crisis and chaos of life
battered and marooned my muse?
Waves of limbo lure me away from my writing.
I unresistingly follow like a sailor searching the seas,
mesmerized by the siren call of mermaids.
I ignore cries of unfinished tales.
Ignore impatient ideas swimming through my mind.
Ignore imaginary voices floating upon the waves.
A flame flickers above the horizon,
igniting with the intensity of a lighthouse beacon,
beckoning me back to the harbor of my computer.


A writer tries to view

life in various facets.

Such ability becomes

one of our greatest assets.



by Karen E. Rigley

Two weekends in a row early snowstorms have hit this mountain valley. As well as many other areas. Yes, the snow looks beautiful, but it’s too soon and leaves are still on many of the trees–so they aren’t ready, either. Brr.

I adore autumn – especially an Indian summer with blue skies and sunshine framing the flaming autumn colors. Skiers and snowboarders are thrilled and excited about winter knocking at the door. Me? Not so much – late summer holds more appeal than early winter.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a fireplace – that does make the cold cozy. 😉

How do you feel about the marching seasons?


 Naked trees


quivering skeletons



a flaming sunset

Frigid air painted shades

of blue and violet

mock fiery colors

of dying sun

Gradually smothering each

burning ember


only a defeated glow

announces sun’s surrender

to winter night

Starry points of ice


in celebration

of temporary


  Karen E. Rigley

Giving Thanks


by Karen E. Rigley

November is the month of Thanksgiving and remembering our blessings. At times we can find ourselves so caught up in problems or hectic schedule we forget to appreciate the bounty of blessings surrounding us. From the promise of sunrise to sharing a smile with a loved one to the giggle of a child, we often fail to appreciate the most precious things. I challenge you this month to offer thanks for those you care about, for the beauty surrounding us and for the good moments of your life.


Sometimes we get lost

in our daily crush,

letting life demands

get in the way

we forget

to note the blessings,

great and small,

showered upon us each day.

                                                                                        Karen Elizabeth Rigley

Beauty radiates in the silver spill of moonlight
upon undulating ocean waves.
Beauty radiates in the delighted ring of children’s
laughter as they play hide and seek.
Beauty radiates with a night-blooming jasmine’s soft
haunting fragrance drifting through the air.
Beauty radiates in the shimmering peace of snowflakes
blanketing a sleeping landscape.
Beauty radiates with music of a songbird
welcoming the iridescent dawn.
Beauty radiates as a scarlet rose blossoms,
revealing velvet petals one by one.
Beauty radiates with a hushed lullaby as a mother
sings her baby asleep.
Beauty radiates in the luminous reflections
mirrored within a sparkling lake.
Beauty radiates as a glowing sunset
flames the horizon ablaze with color.
Beauty radiates in the warm accepting embrace
of brotherly love for all mankind.

                                  Karen Elizabeth Rigley