You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.


by Karen E. Rigley

Two weekends in a row early snowstorms have hit this mountain valley. As well as many other areas. Yes, the snow looks beautiful, but it’s too soon and leaves are still on many of the trees–so they aren’t ready, either. Brr.

I adore autumn – especially an Indian summer with blue skies and sunshine framing the flaming autumn colors. Skiers and snowboarders are thrilled and excited about winter knocking at the door. Me? Not so much – late summer holds more appeal than early winter.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a fireplace – that does make the cold cozy. 😉

How do you feel about the marching seasons?


 Naked trees


quivering skeletons



a flaming sunset

Frigid air painted shades

of blue and violet

mock fiery colors

of dying sun

Gradually smothering each

burning ember


only a defeated glow

announces sun’s surrender

to winter night

Starry points of ice


in celebration

of temporary


  Karen E. Rigley


Comments on: "WINTER NUDGES FALL" (5)

  1. Bonnie K. Winn said:

    You make autumn come alive on the page. Now I want a fire in the fireplace and lots of turning leaves!

  2. Rita Pierrottie said:

    The thought at the top of your page, “You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.” makes me think maybe I should complete the book I started two years ago. Even if it doesn’t get published writing it will have been a learning experience. I’ll never know if I don’t try. Also, it’s 81 here today so it’s difficult for me to imagine how cold it must be where you are.

  3. Bonnie, thank you. I want that crackling fireplace, too. 😉
    Rita, yes, you should complete that book. I do believe in reaching for your dreams.
    All the best, Karen

  4. I’m a fan of summer. I like warmth in my bones. However, saying that, I prefer cold and crisp to warm and rainy. As long as the sun’s out I’m happy.

  5. This weekend we had snow again–that is so weird to snow every weekend in November. It’s 29 degrees with sunshine sparkling the snow, Shalini. So cold & sunny both. 😉

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