You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.


by Karen E. Rigley


This past autumn, early snowfalls hit three weekends in a row, then strangely when it was actually winter, the snowstorms stopped – resulting in the driest December on record. Not much snow so far this January, but the weather pattern is shifting and a snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow . Soon, I expect to hear grumbles about the snow, ice and cold, but at this moment I’m looking forward to the still quiet beauty of snowflakes floating through the air and later the squeals and laughter of children sledding down the hill, pelting each other with snowballs or building Frosty the Snowman – and hoping he comes to life.




Snowflakes tease and kiss as they dance

from cloudspun skies

Soon, trees laced with snow and ice glisten

in unveiled moonlight

A world of white drapes upon the earth,

a purifying blanket

as luminous silence curtains

winter night.




Comments on: "WEIRD WINTER" (4)

  1. Lynda Hartson said:

    Excellent~~ Just how I feel when it snows. I’m looking forward to a snowfall and enjoying reading yet another of your AWESOME books~~

  2. Lynda, you have a Kindle, right? My short story trio On Wings of Dragons is available through the Amazon Kindle lending library — so you can download it for free. CAT MOVES, the mystery novel is on that now, too, but you already read that. 😉
    You take care. OK? Hugs!

  3. Tell me about it. In the UK, the winter and more appropriately the preceding autumn is playing havoc with nature, once again. I run a blog based on phenology and you can clearly see that this unseasonable weather is having a longer-term effect. Winter has briefly returned with its frosts and snow may arrive, for the lucky few. In general, most of Europe has also suffered but nature will no doubt, have the final word.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

  4. Tony, yes nature always does. My friends having been keeping posted on your crazy weather. I hope that it settles for all of us into the prover groove. Here we need the snowpack for our water. It seems everywhere things are unpredicatable, but we can hope.

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