You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.


by Karen E. Rigley

Writing and life clash. They each steal time and attention from the other, so a writer exists in a constant battle zone. We want to write. We need to write. Does life allow us to write?

Not without a battle. Whenever I hear the expression the writing life, I laugh. No such thing. You are either dealing with life or writing. Whichever creates the loudest demand at that moment determines which you are doing.

Juggling families, jobs, deadlines, and inevitable life crisis shoots holes through the best planned schedules, so writers constantly adapt often writing at weird times, odd places and occasionally awkward moments.

It’s agonizing to be struck by muse or impending deadlines right when life bombards you. So a writer charges forward plunging through the war zone attempting to successfully conquer both life and writing.

At this moment writing is winning – an hour from now? Oncoming fire.


Fly me away on the wings of dreams
Weave me sounds of laughter or screams

Scorch me with fire of dragon breath
Haunt me with tales of impending death

Introduce me to people I’ll never meet
Transport me to a distant or imaginary street

Thrill me with legends of brave young souls
Frighten me by evil spells, witches and ghouls

Entice me with magic of a lover’s kiss
Excite me with blaze from a laser gun miss

Enchant me with myths of lost jewels, genies and gold
Challenge me by ancient mysteries; puzzles of old

Tease me with shadows flickering in candleglow
Intoxicate me with joy, passion or woe

Whirl me toward heaven in a tornado high
Blow me like stardust across violet sky

Whisk me away to worlds, future or past
‘til my eyelids drift closed and I sleep at last.


Blending two careers is my aim.

It’s all in organizing they claim,

yet, all the books and articles I read

fail to explain how to achieve

the unattainablse quest,

how to get enough rest.



Comments on: "WRITING VERSUS LIFE" (2)

  1. Lynda Hartson said:

    WOW!! The poems were AWESOME and I love what you captured about writing and living! VERY VERY GOOD~~ So very true~~

    I wrote a short true story following the passing of my Mother 6 years ago. I found that walking all alone, each day for 1 hour, left me time with my thoughts and I was able to stop often while on my walk, and jot down my thoughts in a little notebook! My mind was free to think while looking at nature along the way!
    The short writing ended up 20 typed pages in poem form~

    I would have NEVER been able to connect with my feelings at that awkward, sad time in my life if I hadn’t taken that walk and walked away from daily life~~

    Too bad that walking away from daily life can’t be that easy ALL the time!!

    Again, I REALLY enjoyed your poems and I continue to enjoy your books!!
    I’m a BIG fan of yours!!!

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