You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.

by Karen E. Rigley

A snowstorm one minute, shirt-sleeve sunshine the next – roller coaster weather in the Mountain West. So a March day may bring shoveling snow or discovering a patch of wildflowers.

Personally, this western gal — who loves seasons — is more than ready to march into spring and leave winter behind. Mother Nature probably doesn’t share my vision and plans to throw wrenches into that plan. Yet, I’ll be content if any additional snowstorms hit up in the mountains and leave the valley alone.












Exploring tulip pokes shoots out

of melting ice and snow frosted ground,

daring winter dangers to scout

promise of springtime coming ‘round.

Proving to be one brave fellow

crocus blooms purple, white or yellow.


Snowmelt! Birdsongs! A thaw to last.

Earth liberated from arctic blast.

Jonquil unfolds her lemon skirt;

leaves bud on branches too long bare;

March showers splatter garden dirt;

hyacinth blossoms scent the air.

Azure skies romance cloud puffs high

while all nature is heard to sigh,


Snowmelt! Birdsongs! A thaw to last.

Earth liberated from arctic blast.


Comments on: "SPRINGTIME in the ROCKIES" (4)

  1. Bonnie K. Winn said:

    I love this! It’s everything I feel about winter hopefully ending soon and the promise of spring — shopping without wearing half my closet all at once to stay warm. Yay! You made my day.

  2. I love the Seasons we are blessed with here in Utah. I love your writing and actually felt and could see in my minds eye, each and every beautiful seasonal change. I have ALWAYS had a feeling of excitement in me when Fall comes and as I read this awesome post just now I forgot about the pain I’m having a hard time dealing with, I forgot about “whoa is me” because I DON’T feel good enough YET, to get out of this house and ‘feel’ Mother Nature, thus…..THANK YOU Karen, for helping me have an exhilarating ‘rush’ of happiness as I felt and saw the joy you were describing! You really are a wonderful writer!! Nice to forget my own problems. THANKS for making that possible!
    Love, Lynda

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