You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.

by Karen Elizabeth Rigley

For those of you who still have your mother – cherish her, appreciate her and enjoy her.  Some things are too close to your heart to write about. That’s how I feel about my mom. Even though it’s been over a decade since her passing, it’s still so hard. I miss her every day. Sometimes it a tiny thing – ice skating on TV, a snapshot of her or a sudden memory of her soft voice and warm hugs.

 Such an amazing woman, she possessed unbelievable inner strength throughout all her earthly struggles. Yet, she shimmered with a sweet compassionate spirit, never hurting another soul. She taught by example. She always put others first. No matter her personal hardships, her concern was the well-being of others. She believed in us, expecting the best of all, yet offering forgiveness when we faltered. Never judging or preaching. She lived by an unshakable quiet faith.

Oh, how I admired her. It tears my heart that I sometimes disappointed her. She endured so much, weathering storms of life that would shipwreck most. Yet, even during her darkest times, she’d reach out during the depths to care for others and make sure they were okay. They say that good deeds we do in life stockpile rewards in heaven. Mom earned a lifetime of them just by being herself.

Even toward the end, after a valiant seventeen-year battle with Parkinson’s Disease, Mom hung on as long as humanly possible despite her agony, knowing we still needed her. How I still miss her!

I’m forever grateful for the wisdom she taught me. She lived the Three Cs: Courage, caring and compassion. She knew the secret of life is how we treat others. There’s no one I admire more and it stirs my heart each time I see Mom’s kind, loving spirit living on in my daughter.


Even as she sleeps

her legs

tremble, tremble





She awakens aching,

body weak





in the


Kind, arthritic hands







Constant battle of

mind with limbs






Courageous spirit


Memories call






Comments on: "Mother’s Day Tribute: SHIMMERING SPIRIT" (10)

  1. Great post. My mother has been gone for 5 years and I miss her every day also.
    Love the poem. Thank you for sharing something that is so dear to your heart.

  2. Bonnie K. Winn said:

    Through my tears, I thank you for this beautiful blog. What a tribute to your kind, inspiring mother. You touched my heart.

  3. Lynda Hartson said:

    IF I can stop the tears, I would like to say that this is most BEAUTIFUL tribute to a Mother, I have ever read. I could feel your heart and soul in every word~ I never really knew your Mother but I know YOU….. and she is VERY PROUD of YOU!! So very beautifully written! Thank you for making my day complete!!

  4. That is very beautiful. It is so hard losing our mothers, no matter how many years have passed. Your poem made me feel how difficult it must have been for you to watch your mother suffer through Parkinson’s. I wish I could find better words to show my appreciation.

  5. Oh my goodness Karen. I can barely see the screen as I look through my tears. Except for the 17 year illness, you have described my Beautiful Mother to a T. Be Kind and Love one another is how she lived and taught us to live. I am overwhelmed with emotion right now having just passed the 4.5 year point of her death on my birthday. I know your Mom is in a kinder, gentler place and she’s looking down and being ever so proud of her daughter.
    Thank you so very much for that tribute to your Mom.
    Live and Love in JOY and in SAFETY every day……S> (Susan Winlaw)

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