You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.

We can’t celebrate the Mystery Most Cozy 10th anniversary without paying special tribute to the remarkable  founder, Jenny Hanahan, who brought so many cozy fans and authors together.

Jenny’s words:

“Mystery Most Cozy was born out of a desire to interact with others who share my love of cozy mysteries. I started the first one on Yahoo Groups, October 21, 2002. I recall putting it up and saying to my husband “do you think anyone will join?” Well, yes, many did and ten years later here we are all, one on Yahoo and now one on Facebook! Between the two, we have a combined membership of over 800, mostly being built on “word of mouth” promotion. It’s been a warm interaction of authors and fans, a friendly forum taking on a life of its own through the years. I appreciate each and everyone on it. Many have been on it since the start!

We will be celebrating with giveaways through December 31, 2012 so come and join us if you aren’t already a member. 🙂 The main active one is on Facebook so if you are on Facebook, that’s the place to join. If you’re not on Facebook, the Yahoo one is still available as well.”

Jenny Hanahan,Real Estate Professional
Lake Murray Specialist
Taking the mystery out of the real estate experience…

Russell and Jeffcoat Real Estate
Watch for our first interview–Mystery author, the marvelous  Carolyn Hart.
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  1. Jenny, I can’t thank you enough for all you do for the cozy genre. You’re such a lovely example of a community builder. You make it seem effortless, and I know it isn’t. 🙂

  2. You did it girl. See you been doing this for a long time, and acting like you didn’t know much about it. There is a lot of talent in you Jenny! God made a gem.

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