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Hello, Ellery.  Welcome to our MMC interviews.  It’s always intriguing when I get to interview one of my favorite authors.

Mystery Most Cozy is celebrating their tenth anniversary.  What is your favorite thing about the group: reader interaction, fan support, being able to connect with fellow authors or what and why?

I love discovering new books through MMC. The readers give such specific recommendations that it’s easy to add to one’s TBR pile all the time.

When and how did you discover the Mystery Most Cozy group?

I found the Yahoo! Group somehow. It was years ago and my memory has become a sieve. All I know is that the group is wonderful!

How did you know you were meant to write?

I used to write stories when I was a kid. They’d star my friends as the heroes and those gals always ended up saving the day and going out with the cutest boys. I loved how my stories made them smile. That was at about age 8. I was a goner from that point on.

What fascinates you about mysteries?

I love puzzles and mysteries are a puzzle. You must gather the pieces and fit them together correctly to see the whole picture.

What intrigues you about writing a series?

Honestly, I need a series because I need my characters to change and grow and make mistakes and fall in love and fall out of love and go through all the things we go through as we age. Having a series means that my characters are never static.

What is the most challenging facet of writing for you?

Finding time for all of the ideas I have. I’m pretty much writing seven days a week at this point and still can’t get caught up. I’d like to write a young adult novel (I have 3 chapters) and a women’s fiction novel (I’ve written the first chapter) but I have to keep putting them aside to work on the books I actually have contracts for.

What do you enjoy reading?

My reading tastes are all over the place. I don’t read many cozies because I don’t want to be accidentally influenced by one of my fellow writers in any way. My favorite genre is historical fiction, then any kind of  mystery, then young adult, then fantasy.  I usually listen to one genre in the car, have another on my iPad, and a third on the nightstand.

Which authors have influenced you?

My idol is Agatha Christie. Whenever I get stuck on something I think, “What would Agatha do?”

What would you like to say to your readers & fans?

In addition to thanking them for their tremendous support, I would say to keep talking about your favorite writers. We mid-list writers survive mostly because people like the ones on MMC recommend our books to friends. We truly depend on that word-of-mouth promotion.

What advice would you offer a beginning writer?

Don’t quit. If you can finish a short story, that’s a huge accomplishment. If you can complete an entire book, then you can write another and another. Finding a market for them isn’t always easy, but don’t give up. Not ever!

Why did you choose cozy rather than thrillers, intrigue or true crime?

I love cozies because they zero in on people and not the crime or the gore or rough language. Cozies are stories about people and their determination to set things right. I like that the sleuths could be people you might know. They’re members of a community and together, with the help of friends and neighbors, the sleuths can bring about change for the better. They can right wrongs. Along the way, they can laugh, suffer loses, forge new relationships, and eat lots of amazing food.

What are you writing now?

I am working on two projects. The third installment in the Charmed Pie Shoppe series and the first book in an all-new series about a resort for book lovers. That series will debut in 2014 and I absolutely love it.

Tell us about your newest mystery:

Written in Stone, the 4th Books By the Bay mystery, is my best book to date. It was released on November 6th and I hope you get a chance to read it. Olivia and the Bayside Book Writers are really out to the test in this book and between a witch, a powwow, a food festival, and a possible ghost, Olivia’s world feels turned upside down. I really make things tough for her in this book, but I think it had to happen so she could finally admit that she needs a certain police chief by her side.

Where can we find out more about you and your books?

Stop by my website at or friend me on Facebook. And Happy Anniversary to Mystery Most Cozy. Ten years of supporting mysteries is amazing! Congratulations!

Visit Mystery Most Cozy to find out how to enter the drawing for one of her mysteries.


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Comments on: "Mystery Most Cozy Interviews Ellery Adams" (12)

  1. Bonnie K. Winn said:

    Great interview! I identify so much with Ellery’s enjoyment of writing a series. My people are always changing, too, and I like keeping them alive. Ellery’s a master at that! Can’t wait for the new book – they’re always on my keeper shelf, once devoured of course. 🙂

  2. I hope I am approved in the group soon! I would love to win a book!

    • The mysteries she writes as JB Stanley are delightful as well, Bonnie.
      Cara, visit Mystery Most Cozy to find the drawing link. I think it posts tomorrow.

  3. Very nice interview. I had not heard of this group and would love to be a part of it. I love cozy mysteries. Thank you for this.

  4. Annette Gavigan said:

    Great interview. To those of you who are new to MMC try reading all of Ellery/JB/Jennifer’s books. You won’t be disappointed. I am one of her biggest fans and all of her books are so good, filled with characters you will care about deeply.

  5. I love what you are doing with your site. Gorgeous!

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