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A top organization for mystery writers, SISTERS IN CRIME, tossed us an array of topics for their September SinC-Up blog hop. One captured me: “What’s the best part of writing for you?”

I’m tempted to reply, “Typing THE END.”
Or receiving the check.  (Not frequent enough)

Yet, the most fun & exciting part is when the seed of an idea begins to blossom into a story. Characters & storytlines burst forth, sometimes in rapidfire.

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It’s thrilling as characters pop out to demand their roles and the story spills in spurts, trickles or a flood.  The questions entice me.   Who? What happened? Where? Why?

It’s fun to weave threads in the tapestry of a mystery.  Playing with action/reaction, suspects and motives, red herrings and foreshadowing, artful confusion with a touch of slight of hand.  We are the masters– the creators, yet the story takes on a life of its own.

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Midbook complications, hidden clues revealed, who gets knocked off next?  Challenges just keep rolling.

Causing trouble, playing havoc with our characters and allowing good to triumph over evil at the end is satisfying.  In our books we can do that — real life, not so much.

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Yay, it’s done!

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