You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.

Why do I write?bookworm

Because I fell in love with reading as a child.  Spending hours escaping into different worlds full of amazing people and places far beyond my simple childhood.  As I grew older and my reading expanded so did my enchantment.  A spark kindled inside me to not only read but to create, to allow my own imagination to catch fire.tdragon books

Characters whispered to me, at times they screamed for me to pay attention. Secret passages, distant galaxies, mysterious shadows and imaginary creatures battled with messages I felt compelled to voice.  So  many things to write. Yet, one link threaded through it always. I wanted to share my words with others. To allow them to see, feel, hear, taste and understand.

An old poem of mine from my poetry art collection expresses what I hoped to offer my readers.


Fly me away on the wings of dreams
Weave me sounds of laughter or screams

Scorch me with fire of dragon breath
Haunt me with tales of impending death

Introduce me to people I’ll never meet
Transport me to a distant or imaginary street

Thrill me with legends of brave young souls
Frighten me by evil spells, witches and ghouls

Entice me with magic of a lover’s kiss
Excite me with blaze from a laser gun miss

Enchant me with myths of lost jewels, genies and gold
Challenge me by ancient mysteries; puzzles of old

Tease me with shadows flickering in candleglow
Intoxicate me with joy, passion or woe

Whirl me toward heaven in a tornado high
Blow me like stardust across violet sky

Whisk me away to worlds, future or past
‘til my eyelids drift closed and I sleep at last.

owl book


  1. Sharon Schultz said:

    I too travelled the world, and the past, present, and future. It’s all in books! Love the new site, but too many ads.😑

  2. It is all in books. Just magical escape.
    Hmm, don’t have a new site.

  3. Bonnie K. Winn said:

    I love your new post! I feel the same – books are a wonderful escape.

  4. To read & write both, Bonnie.

  5. Teddi cornish said:

    Just read your post. I love it. I need to get back into reading. Haven’t done much in a long time.

  6. Teddi, reading can be a wonderful escape. Hugs!

  7. Reading helped me tolerate the insanity of my childhood home.

  8. D.M. O'Byrne said:

    Hello. I am a BOB author helping out in the transition by putting together an email list for the new editor to contact the authors directly. Can you please send me your email address: Thank you!

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