You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.


I’m a multi-award winning writer/poet/designer who loves mystery, romance, science fiction & fantasy and dabble in them all.  I live in the American West and adore spending time with family & friends.

My newest book:

RENEGADE MOON  book #4 in the CupidKey series for Soul Mate Publishing


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  1. Karen, I’m happy to be reading through your site! Jamie

  2. Hi Karen!

    I’ve finally made it over…(way overdue) and am enjoying reading through your site here. 🙂 Very well done.

  3. Love your site, Karen. I read back through several posts. I really like the clean, efficient lines of the site and I always enjoy your posts. Your kindness, creativity, thoughtfulness and innate writing skill shine through. You are special and unique in a great many ways. Well done…may the dragons watch over you…

  4. Lillian Brummet said:

    Thank you for all the work you do for the world of literacy and literature. We have not networked before, you and I, however I wanted to reach out and let you know we would love to network with you 🙂

    The Brummet’s Conscious Blog focuses on inspiring, positive, proactive topics offering a fresh outlook on the world including author interviews, inspiring quotes and refreshing articles; celebrating amazing individuals, businesses and organizations doing wonderful things. We’d love receive guest post or interview queries from your circles.

    You might be interested to find we are authors of 6 books including the newly published: From One Small Garden… Loaded with interesting historical tidbits and nutritional information, this is more than just a recipe book – it is a way of treating yourself to the healthy delicious rewards of one small garden. It also encourages purchasing locally produced foods, visiting farmers markets, reduces food waste and helps people save money too. Available @:  AMAZON USA:  – OR AMAZON CANADA:
    Finally, we have a second blog we just started for drummers and percussionists:

    We love networking, so do keep in touch, let us know if you have an eco or community event coming up you’d like us to promote or an article, resource to share on one of our blogs, or request a topic for us to cover. Feel free to tell your connections of this, as the blog opportunities are provided at no cost. We also have several articles to offer and a ready-made interview with us, should you need content at some point. Upon request I can send you a list of article titles and word counts for you to consider, or a custom made interview for your readers – just send your list of questions our way. Dave or I also have new articles going up every few weeks over at EzineArticles if you find yourself in need for some quick content in the future.


    • Thanks, Lillian. I’ve neglected my blog for a long time & don’t write much anymore. Appreciate your offer & wish you all the luck.

      • Lillian Brummet said:

        Great to hear back from you Karen – thank you. I’m now offering blogger and entrepreneur interviews on my blog… we also interview non-profits, entrepreneurs, authors…. If you’d like to drop in and do an interview re: your blog, or if you’d like to feature us here or any other networking, just let us know. 🙂

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