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Autumn Again

Neglected my blog for way too long. Am I back? Hope so.

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Chilly breeze sends the autumn leaves dancing outside my window as I wonder if anyone will notice that I finally post here again. Sure I have many excuses. Life gets in the way. Yet did I lose the magic of writing?

Elusive words escape me. As autumn torches the leaves and memories of summer escape, I struggle to reconnect with the world. It’s simpler to cocoon and shut out all else. Even writing.

I feel embarrassed, guilty & sad when others ask, “What are you writing now? A novel sequel? A new poem? More articles?”

My heart hurts as I reply, “Nothing. Not writing anymore.”

If you hear a rustle through the leaves, beware. Might be me reemerging.



magical-sunset-marina-likholat by Karen Elizabeth Rigley

Magic exists. It’s not just in the pages of story in once upon a time or happily ever after, sparking imagination of riding upon wings of a dragon, finding leprechaun gold or chasing a unicorn.

Every day magic surrounds us. Hear it in the whisper of butterfly wings, the snick of a door at midnight or the sigh of a baby dreaming. Discover magic in communications at your fingertips, the glory of a sunset or music that lifts your heart. Revel in the magic of a kiss, the purr of a kitten, or the timely call of a friend when you’re feeling blue. Savor a pine-scented breeze or ocean waves swishing your toes, or share wonder through a child’s eyes.

Our world teems with magic – we only must look for it. I wish you magic!

pink & blue sunset


rainbow lightning

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