You cannot capture a dream until you reach for it.

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by Karen E. Rigley


This past autumn, early snowfalls hit three weekends in a row, then strangely when it was actually winter, the snowstorms stopped – resulting in the driest December on record. Not much snow so far this January, but the weather pattern is shifting and a snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow . Soon, I expect to hear grumbles about the snow, ice and cold, but at this moment I’m looking forward to the still quiet beauty of snowflakes floating through the air and later the squeals and laughter of children sledding down the hill, pelting each other with snowballs or building Frosty the Snowman – and hoping he comes to life.




Snowflakes tease and kiss as they dance

from cloudspun skies

Soon, trees laced with snow and ice glisten

in unveiled moonlight

A world of white drapes upon the earth,

a purifying blanket

as luminous silence curtains

winter night.




by Karen E. Rigley

It’s an event I look forward to the first Friday of every month. The evening highlight is more than dinner at the Grill. Usually several artists are featured, the displays mixing media. Generally, one or two artist collections of paintings or photographs, punctuated by three dimensional pieces such as sculpture or pottery in two different gallery shows.

It’s a treat to attend the new art shows, plus if time and weather allow to stroll along the renovated heart of town wandering into art galleries and antique shops.

Unfortunately, this month I’m sitting it out. Broken bones midwinter can do that. Knowing my disappointment, my sweet daughter brought me a take-out order of chicken carbonara and a yummy soup that tastes like Italian wedding soup minus meatballs.

This evening, I miss the art, the artists, as well as the delightful dinner company First Friday usually supplies, but next month I intend to attend the event and to appreciate it more than ever.

This is the just the first Friday of 2012, so the year will produce many more. As we flip the calendar to this new year to share New Year wishes, count our blessings and muse about the future, melancholy blends with anticipation. It’s a good time to reaffirm our faith, goals and dreams.

Time to celebrate the blessings in our lives and those we love as we step forward into a new year with hope and determination. This poem of mine fits a new year as well as a new day:


New day



fresh sheet of paper





bit of history


the book






As the year is ending, a new year begins full of promise. We are so blessed to be able to continue to learn, grow and evolve each day.

I wish for each and every one of you to reach for your dreams and to savor the all the little victories along the way.

May the New Year be a healthy, happy year full of joy and blessings and love.

Hugs & love to all,