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Grass and weeds won the battle, tangled with flower roots so badly in my front flower bed, all plants had to be completely dug out. Now I need to start over. Reboot with new plants and bulbs. Only a few old-fashion daylilies and iris survived. I’m going for easy care perennials hardy enough to handle the cold snowy winters and hot dry summers in my area. To my delight there’s a potpourri of choices, restricted somewhat by price, time, energy and planting zone.

So far I’ve planted snow-in-summer, columbine, lavender, purple sage, basket-of-gold, plus the bare roots of daylilies, dwarf lilies & oriental lilies. I want to get balloon flowers, Cupid Darts, and something fragrant. Also planting anemone Grecian windflowers, hardy gladiolas, and bleeding hearts. Waiting until after Mother’s Day to plant tender flowers. The Rockies are notorious for sudden spring freezes or snowstorms hitting after a sunny seventy degree day. 😉

My goal is add a potpourri of color with coreopsis for cheerful yellow next to feathery blue flax, some pink evening primrose, purple Liatris (feather flowers) and coral bells. It’s fun to cluster color together the way Nature paints a meadow.

Right now my garden looks sparse and a bit sad, but hopefully someday it will bloom like these:

flowers 2




by Karen E. Rigley

A snowstorm one minute, shirt-sleeve sunshine the next – roller coaster weather in the Mountain West. So a March day may bring shoveling snow or discovering a patch of wildflowers.

Personally, this western gal — who loves seasons — is more than ready to march into spring and leave winter behind. Mother Nature probably doesn’t share my vision and plans to throw wrenches into that plan. Yet, I’ll be content if any additional snowstorms hit up in the mountains and leave the valley alone.












Exploring tulip pokes shoots out

of melting ice and snow frosted ground,

daring winter dangers to scout

promise of springtime coming ‘round.

Proving to be one brave fellow

crocus blooms purple, white or yellow.


Snowmelt! Birdsongs! A thaw to last.

Earth liberated from arctic blast.

Jonquil unfolds her lemon skirt;

leaves bud on branches too long bare;

March showers splatter garden dirt;

hyacinth blossoms scent the air.

Azure skies romance cloud puffs high

while all nature is heard to sigh,


Snowmelt! Birdsongs! A thaw to last.

Earth liberated from arctic blast.


by Karen E. Rigley


This past autumn, early snowfalls hit three weekends in a row, then strangely when it was actually winter, the snowstorms stopped – resulting in the driest December on record. Not much snow so far this January, but the weather pattern is shifting and a snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow . Soon, I expect to hear grumbles about the snow, ice and cold, but at this moment I’m looking forward to the still quiet beauty of snowflakes floating through the air and later the squeals and laughter of children sledding down the hill, pelting each other with snowballs or building Frosty the Snowman – and hoping he comes to life.




Snowflakes tease and kiss as they dance

from cloudspun skies

Soon, trees laced with snow and ice glisten

in unveiled moonlight

A world of white drapes upon the earth,

a purifying blanket

as luminous silence curtains

winter night.