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Delayed return

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Time zooms and life gets in the way and I’ve neglected my blog for far too long.  I apologize to all of you who sent me comments without me responding.  Your remarks really touched me. I appreciate each of you.

This morning when I finally logged back into my blog thanks to a very thoughtful reader who prodded me back I realized I missed you guys.  Very much.

Thank you for your patience and encouragement.  I’m back — so watch out!

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As most of you know blogging is not really my thing and I tend to neglect my own more than occasionally. 😉 So I’m delighted with the opportunity to help a wonderful group of readers & writers toast MURDER MOST COZY as they celebrate their 10 year anniversary. I get to interview mystery writers who I enjoy and admire, while mystery fans learn more about some of their favorite authors.

Today I’ll launch the tribute with a rerun of three of my poems to capture the spirit of the remarkable authors who sweep readers away with the power of words.


The secret to writing a mystery book

requires more than a beginning hook.

It takes more than an intriguing clue

discovered by an exploring gumshoe.

Don’t depend upon poison or knife

or a dangerous shadow threatening life.

Creating an intriguing story

entails more than killing gory,

inventing more than a detective wise

or exploring all three suspects lies.

An author needs more to make a good read

than motives of love, betrayal and greed.

Here lies the real secret my friend,

plan it backward from the end.


Tales modern or woven in history,

I always love a good mystery.

Using clues to unravel a bit,

it’s amusing to guess who done it,

where and how and why;

who’ll be next to die.

Determined authors can rarely fool

this armchair detective keeping cool.

My favorite tales to be direct,

reveal my guesses are incorrect.


Fly me away on the wings of dreams
Weave me sounds of laughter or screams

Scorch me with fire of dragon breath
Haunt me with tales of impending death

Introduce me to people I’ll never meet
Transport me to a distant or imaginary street

Thrill me with legends of brave young souls
Frighten me by evil spells, witches and ghouls

Entice me with magic of a lover’s kiss
Excite me with blaze from a laser gun miss

Enchant me with myths of lost jewels, genies and gold
Challenge me by ancient mysteries; puzzles of old

Tease me with shadows flickering in candleglow
Intoxicate me with joy, passion or woe

Whirl me toward heaven in a tornado high
Blow me like stardust across violet sky

Whisk me away to worlds, future or past
‘til my eyelids drift closed and I sleep at last.

                    Karen Elizabeth Rigley

Murder Most Cozy:


by Karen E. Rigley

A blog by a nonblogger. People assume that blogging’s simple – a breeze for a writer. For me not so much.

Sure I can create characters who don’t really exist and toss them into situations to steal a reader’s breath. I can even create worlds. Stories are easy. Ask me to weave tales of adventure, suspense or romance. Words flow.

Confront me with a new blog post and I turn into a writer without words. Why can I write a spectrum of works, but suddenly go blank? Spinning a tale of mystery, science fiction or an article is not about me. Me is where I get stuck.

So I ramble about weather, recipes, whatever floats through the universe at the moment. What happens if nothing floats past? Then I’m in trouble. Like today.

Ah, but I do have words available when I mine my trove of old poetry. Guess what happens now? Yep, my poems to the rescue. 😉


Almost ninety
voice a-tremor
worn fingers
strum and pick
mountain music
ageless rhythm
song of hills
notes fade
forgotten verses
broken string
layer of dust
cannot hush
Every evening
on the front porch
songs and laughter
dance inside
Grandpa’s old



sit here
and stare at
my monitor.
Warnings flash onscreen
with electronic gleam,
laughing at my small mistake.
Blinking and ignoring commands,
it smugly digests files it ate.
Please, nice computer, give human a break?


 Imagine an eagle

circling the sky

zooming up

flying high

Soar above cliff

soar above mountain

a symbol of strength

a spiritual fountain

Born in a nest

hungry and weak

right from birth

determined to seek

promise of destiny

Rise to succeed

rise to fulfill

plan of the Almighty

Gliding toward heaven

the eagle soars

through the sky


my spirit since

even an eagle

must learn to fly



Friends & Writers quiz

Friends and Writers

by Karen E. Rigley

Where did the myth of lonely writers come from? Real life. Probably mine. The weird hours, concentration and total submersion into our craft, take a heavy toll on our social lives.

Friends are very annoying when they interrupt a creative roll, so we tend to brush them aside. It’s hard for them to understand why we rarely return their calls, why we decide not to attend that new movie we’ve been waiting to open, or why we forget to come over when promised.

“But I’m writing,” we plea.

“You can write later,” they reply.

It’s especially difficult to sustain friendships with nonwriters, let alone nurture those friendships. Here’s a quiz to see what kind of a friend a writer makes. Take it and see how you rate.

1. Your friends ask you to go to a concert with them. Do you:

(a) attend the concert

(b) beg off to meet a deadline

(c) buy ink cartridges instead of a concert ticket

2. You invited a few friends over on the evening of the fifteenth. At eight P.M. you are:

(a) putting the last minute touches on the hors d`oerves

(b) scooping papers and manuscripts off the furniture

(c) still in your robe, fingers flying over the computer keyboard as you swear at the doorbell

3. Your best friend calls to cry on your shoulder. What do you do?

(a) say come on over

(b) make soothing sounds over the phone as you continue typing

(c) interrupt to brag about your latest sale

4. You’re meeting your friends for lunch at a cozy restaurant in the mall at noon. Noon finds you:

(a) greeting your friends and waiting for a table

(b) in the bookstore across the mall setting up a book signing

(c) home eating a tuna sandwich and editing your final draft

5. You’ve just emerged from a long writing binge and suddenly feel very lonely. Now you:

(a) go to a movie with a friend

(b) call a few friends and find they’ve moved away

(c) write an article on lonely writers


5 points for every (a) answer

2 points for every (b) answer

0 points for every (c) answer

22-25 points — TRUE FRIEND (obviously not a writer)

15-21 points — OKAY PAL (you must not have deadlines)


0-8 points — LONELY WRITER


Donna’s Real World Blog Interview

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Karen E. Rigley is in the House!!

Karen is the first author from Soul Mate Publishing on my schedule for the week. Her book, That Carrington Magic was released yesterday!! Without further ado, here is Karen….
It’s great to have you here on my blog! Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Incurable romantic who never gives up on the dream of happily ever after. Also an award-winning author/designer/poet. Writing is essential as breathing to me & I’ve been writing since childhood–inspired by my love of reading. I have a big crazy family, so often my stories center on families. I adore mine–especially my daughter & grandkids who are the joy of my life.
What do you consider to be the most romantic thing?
When your special someone does something out of the blue to lift your spirits or ease a burden. That’s true love.
Do you ever write in your PJ’s?
Oh, yes. Often the muse hits when I’m in bed & supposed to be sleeping. Sometimes characters & stories give you no choice but to get back up and write. I also write wearing my grubby gardening clothes or painting clothes. I won’t win any style awards for my, ah, writing attire. Barefoot & wearing worn, faded jeans is most common.
Cats or dogs?
Both. That includes writing or reading about both as well. 😉
Favorite drinks:
When it’s chilly, I enjoy hot cocoa or tea. When it’s hot– ice water, raspberry lemonade, Vanilla Coke Zero or Vanilla Diet Pepsi.
Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
Not so much into ice cream—prefer frozen yogurt or sherbet. Food weakness is I’m a chocoholic. Dark chocolate anything & it’s difficult for me to resist.
What are 4 things you never leave home without?Purse, lip gloss, cellphone & shoes—I often have to remember to put shoes on. . .
Laptop or desktop for writing?
Both. I even email files of work in progress to myself from my laptop to desktop or visa-versa.

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?
Most anywhere: if at home–living room with the TV on, kitchen with music playing, outside on the glider-swing or even upstairs in my office.

If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you?
I’d prefer my family, but for famous people—hmm. That’s hard. Got to think about that one. Maybe Nat King Cole so he can sing to me, Agatha Christie so she can tell me stories & a hunky carpenter like Kurt Russell played in Overboard who can build us a boat.

An actor you have a crush on?
Cary Grant. I know, I know—he’s old & dead. But have you ever watched his old movies???

What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?
I love the combination of mystery & romance in Castle.

What made you decide to be an author?
A writer is a reader first. My love of reading inspired me to write.

How did you choose the genre you write in?
I write in many, but I weave romance into all of them.

Are you a panster or a plotter and why?
Bit of both.

Is there a particular author who may have  influenced you?
So many. Mary Higgins Clark wins for romantic suspense.

What is your all time favorite book?
How can I choose only one? Truly, this is impossible for me to answer.

What is your favorite quote from That Carrington Magic?

A plastic rubber-tipped arrow zinged past Jami’s left ear. She glanced up just as the arrow hit target. It stuck onto the forehead of a very handsome, very startled man, who halted mid-stride with his hand outstretched toward her.
So much for Cupid. Jami cringed. Toby-the-Terror had struck again.

How much trouble did your characters give you while writing your new release?
My characters demanded my attention at the most inconvenient times. Plus they said & did things of their own accord—not in the game plan, but always made for a better story.

Where do you get your ideas from?
Ideas come from everywhere—a fragment of overheard conversation, fragrance drifting on the breeze, a love song, sunset turning the ocean to liquid copper, a gossamer memory, inspiration is endless as the simple phrase “What if?”

How did you choose your title?
THAT CARRINGTON MAGIC was actually title number five—after playing with the others, this one felt right.

How do you cure writer’s block?
Outdoors in nature helps. Or closing my eyes to let my mind drift. Or switching to another project for awhile.

Do you have any advice for an aspiring writer?
No matter how much talent you possess or how great your story is–often the difference between published & unpublished is persistence.

What sacred advice have you been given by another writer?
A.C. Crispin once said that an author’s willingness to rewrite was worth more than gold.

Tell us about That Carrington Magic:

Single mom Jami Rhodes “wins” a romantic getaway with her ideal match. Only the contest is a publicity sham to launch her friend Sierra’s Internet matchmaking service, CupidKey, and the “match” is Sierra’s brother-in-law, Grant Carrington. Miffed for being railroaded, Jami drags along her mischievous little boy, Toby. As if Toby isn’t enough trouble, Grant gets stuck with the infamous Carrington Cupid charm. A clash of wills ensues, proving love sometimes needs a bit of magic.

That Carrington Magic is the first book in the CupidKey series. Book Two: Wild West Cupid is coming this December, with a new target for Cupid’s arrow.
Plus future CupidKey stories are on their way.

Thank you so much Karen for stopping in today.

Be sure to visit Soul Mate Publishing where you can pick up That Carrington Magic

Hello world!

Author Confession:

Posted on October 4, 2011

By  Karen E. Rigley

I am an incurable romantic.  It bleeds through into absolutely anything I write: mysteries, science-fiction, fantasy, humor – even nonfiction.

So naturally, I am compelled to write romances and I am so thrilled those romances found a home with Soul Mate Publishing.  I adore the magic of romance, the idea of soul mates defying fate to be together and the fantasy of happily ever-after. I believe it’s possible to find that one person you can’t live without, the man who steals your breath and captures your heart forever.  He exists.  Love exists.  It shimmers in our spirits. It shimmers through our dreams.  It shimmers to life in our novels.

The characters in That Carrington Magic are real to me and in some strange way, I feel I was merely an instrument documenting their story.  Grant and Jami belonged together.  Even little Toby and the magic Cupid  Key charm knew it.  Almost everyone knew except Grant and Jami. I saw and heard them in my head like a movie throughout every scene. I felt what they felt – laughed with them, cried with them, loved with them. They insisted their love story be told, so I told it.

Oh, but the magic Cupid didn’t stop there.  Ann M. House caught the vibes and so together we wrote Wild West Cupid, second book in the CupidKey series. We shared the vision as Errol and Dara fell under Cupid’s love-spell in West Texas.

The adventure continues as voices in my head and images spill scene after scene.  Where will Cupid’s magic arrow strike next?  Ah, I’m listening to whisperings now. . .