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by Karen E. Rigley

It’s an event I look forward to the first Friday of every month. The evening highlight is more than dinner at the Grill. Usually several artists are featured, the displays mixing media. Generally, one or two artist collections of paintings or photographs, punctuated by three dimensional pieces such as sculpture or pottery in two different gallery shows.

It’s a treat to attend the new art shows, plus if time and weather allow to stroll along the renovated heart of town wandering into art galleries and antique shops.

Unfortunately, this month I’m sitting it out. Broken bones midwinter can do that. Knowing my disappointment, my sweet daughter brought me a take-out order of chicken carbonara and a yummy soup that tastes like Italian wedding soup minus meatballs.

This evening, I miss the art, the artists, as well as the delightful dinner company First Friday usually supplies, but next month I intend to attend the event and to appreciate it more than ever.

This is the just the first Friday of 2012, so the year will produce many more. As we flip the calendar to this new year to share New Year wishes, count our blessings and muse about the future, melancholy blends with anticipation. It’s a good time to reaffirm our faith, goals and dreams.

Time to celebrate the blessings in our lives and those we love as we step forward into a new year with hope and determination. This poem of mine fits a new year as well as a new day:


New day



fresh sheet of paper





bit of history


the book




Giving Thanks


by Karen E. Rigley

November is the month of Thanksgiving and remembering our blessings. At times we can find ourselves so caught up in problems or hectic schedule we forget to appreciate the bounty of blessings surrounding us. From the promise of sunrise to sharing a smile with a loved one to the giggle of a child, we often fail to appreciate the most precious things. I challenge you this month to offer thanks for those you care about, for the beauty surrounding us and for the good moments of your life.


Sometimes we get lost

in our daily crush,

letting life demands

get in the way

we forget

to note the blessings,

great and small,

showered upon us each day.

                                                                                        Karen Elizabeth Rigley

Beauty radiates in the silver spill of moonlight
upon undulating ocean waves.
Beauty radiates in the delighted ring of children’s
laughter as they play hide and seek.
Beauty radiates with a night-blooming jasmine’s soft
haunting fragrance drifting through the air.
Beauty radiates in the shimmering peace of snowflakes
blanketing a sleeping landscape.
Beauty radiates with music of a songbird
welcoming the iridescent dawn.
Beauty radiates as a scarlet rose blossoms,
revealing velvet petals one by one.
Beauty radiates with a hushed lullaby as a mother
sings her baby asleep.
Beauty radiates in the luminous reflections
mirrored within a sparkling lake.
Beauty radiates as a glowing sunset
flames the horizon ablaze with color.
Beauty radiates in the warm accepting embrace
of brotherly love for all mankind.

                                  Karen Elizabeth Rigley

Autumn Thoughts

Autumn is a bittersweet season. I am enchanted by the scarlet, gold and russet leaves kissed by sunshine and brilliant against blue skies. The fragrance of autumn leaves as they crunch under my feet is heavenly. Watching the children rake those leaves to launch their little bodies and jump into the pile of leaves always triggers my laughter.

And memories of my own childhood joy jumping into the leaves.

Spicy apple cider, pumpkins and corn stalks from today to long ago are woven into those memories. Yet, the crisp chilly nights warn me the winter approaches. I’m not ready for winter–for snow and ice and darkness gobbling daylight.

You know what that means? Shoes. Sox. Even boots. I have to give up running around barefoot. Sigh. I want summer back.


Glowing embers of summer fade

growing dimmer with autumn’s approach.

Daisies, roses and sunflowers

drop petals

onto carpets of grass.

Tiger lilies fold their bright blossoms

defying dull browns to come.

Scarlet, gold and russet kiss September leaves.

Crispness creeps into breezes

ruffling meadow grass,

nature transforms to glowing gold.

Summer unwraps Earth’s blanket of warmth

allowing autumn stealthy access.

                                                              Karen Elizabeth Rigley


Autumn leaves dance from

waving branches to desert

trees naked in wind.

                      Karen Elizabeth Rigley