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Why do I write?bookworm

Because I fell in love with reading as a child.  Spending hours escaping into different worlds full of amazing people and places far beyond my simple childhood.  As I grew older and my reading expanded so did my enchantment.  A spark kindled inside me to not only read but to create, to allow my own imagination to catch fire.tdragon books

Characters whispered to me, at times they screamed for me to pay attention. Secret passages, distant galaxies, mysterious shadows and imaginary creatures battled with messages I felt compelled to voice.  So  many things to write. Yet, one link threaded through it always. I wanted to share my words with others. To allow them to see, feel, hear, taste and understand.

An old poem of mine from my poetry art collection expresses what I hoped to offer my readers.


Fly me away on the wings of dreams
Weave me sounds of laughter or screams

Scorch me with fire of dragon breath
Haunt me with tales of impending death

Introduce me to people I’ll never meet
Transport me to a distant or imaginary street

Thrill me with legends of brave young souls
Frighten me by evil spells, witches and ghouls

Entice me with magic of a lover’s kiss
Excite me with blaze from a laser gun miss

Enchant me with myths of lost jewels, genies and gold
Challenge me by ancient mysteries; puzzles of old

Tease me with shadows flickering in candleglow
Intoxicate me with joy, passion or woe

Whirl me toward heaven in a tornado high
Blow me like stardust across violet sky

Whisk me away to worlds, future or past
‘til my eyelids drift closed and I sleep at last.

owl book


forest night

by Karen E. Rigley

Mysteries fascinate us. We instinctively want to unravel a mystery. It leads to basics of human survival, scientific discoveries and captivating literature.

From childhood we seek answers to questions like: Why is the sky blue? What’s inside the box? Or where does this eye fit on the dinosaur puzzle?

We also wonder what will happen when Hansel and Gretel get lost in the woods. Or why the wind blows. Or if our toys come to life after we fall asleep.

We’re hooked practically from birth. Both curiousity and challenge tease our imaginations. So no wonder we seek mystery in our entertainment – stories, movies, games.

Where? What? Who? How? Why? What if?

The world revolves around mysteries.

I’m a mystery fan. I read it, watch it, write it. No matter what type of story I write – I’ll spice it with mystery. You’ll discover it in my fantasy, science fiction, romance, humor – not just in my intrigue or suspense. No wonder I’m excited about creating a series of mystery novels. It’s, ah, in my blood. 😉



Tales modern or woven in history,

I always love a good mystery.

Using clues to unravel a bit,

it’s amusing to guess who done it,

where and how and why;

who’ll be next to die.

Determined authors can rarely fool

this armchair detective keeping cool.

My favorite tales to be direct,

reveal my guesses are incorrect.

Karen Elizabeth Rigley



The secret to writing a mystery book

requires more than a beginning hook.

It takes more than an intriguing clue

discovered by an exploring gumshoe.

Don’t depend upon poison or knife

or a dangerous shadow threatening life.

Creating an intriguing story

entails more than killing gory,

inventing more than a detective wise

or exploring all three suspects lies.

An author needs more to make a good read

than motives of love, betrayal and greed.

Here lies the real secret my friend,

plan it backward from the end.

Karen Elizabeth Rigley