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Hello world!

Author Confession:

Posted on October 4, 2011

By  Karen E. Rigley

I am an incurable romantic.  It bleeds through into absolutely anything I write: mysteries, science-fiction, fantasy, humor – even nonfiction.

So naturally, I am compelled to write romances and I am so thrilled those romances found a home with Soul Mate Publishing.  I adore the magic of romance, the idea of soul mates defying fate to be together and the fantasy of happily ever-after. I believe it’s possible to find that one person you can’t live without, the man who steals your breath and captures your heart forever.  He exists.  Love exists.  It shimmers in our spirits. It shimmers through our dreams.  It shimmers to life in our novels.

The characters in That Carrington Magic are real to me and in some strange way, I feel I was merely an instrument documenting their story.  Grant and Jami belonged together.  Even little Toby and the magic Cupid  Key charm knew it.  Almost everyone knew except Grant and Jami. I saw and heard them in my head like a movie throughout every scene. I felt what they felt – laughed with them, cried with them, loved with them. They insisted their love story be told, so I told it.

Oh, but the magic Cupid didn’t stop there.  Ann M. House caught the vibes and so together we wrote Wild West Cupid, second book in the CupidKey series. We shared the vision as Errol and Dara fell under Cupid’s love-spell in West Texas.

The adventure continues as voices in my head and images spill scene after scene.  Where will Cupid’s magic arrow strike next?  Ah, I’m listening to whisperings now. . .